Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's a matter of trust

I don't believe I have said much about the neighbor to the south.  She is an amazing woman, holding down a full time job, raising three kids, and landscaping her back yard.  Last summer it was the flower garden in the back and an amazing fire pit.  This year, she decided a patio made of brick and paving stone would look good next to the house.  This required that the sod be removed...by hand.  The dirt excavated...by hand.  The gravel (all nine ton of it) hauled into place...by hand.  The sand hauled into place...by hand, and the pavers set in the right location...by hand.  God, she makes me tired.  Of course, due to the pattern of the pavers and the non-yielding pattern of the patio, several of the stones need to be cut.  Therein lies the story.  Seems as how she rented a stone cutter.  It proceeded to blow the circuit halfway through a cut.  Quick end, she got one stone cut.  New thought.  How about using a circular saw and a rock cutting blade?  A good idea, if only she had a circular saw.  Enter the Zubke household.  We have a circular saw.  She was somewhat skeptical when she saw the cord was held together with electrical tape from where I had sawed right through it.  Undaunted, however, she gave it a try.  Eureka.  It worked.  Several stones were cut, and the saw quit.  Seems as how the splice job done so many years ago gave way and the black cord ends had burned out, causing them to disconnect.  Never one to say die, I unwrap the old tape, disconnect all the ends, reconnect with new tape, cover the splices, and as we speak two miracles are happening.  First, it is working, and second, she is still standing!  Hopefully, this will be the case until she is done.  Hopefully, the trust is not misplaced!  Quit shaking your head!

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