Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My double X's

I've facebooked about it.  I've blogged it.  I've cut.  I've staged.  I've learned volumes from my mistakes, and thankfully, tonight is the end of "I".  It's all about THE WOMEN. Based on rehearsals, the play should be retitled The Good Sports!  The only constant was change!
And now to the purpose of today's entry.  While I realize the import of private gratitude, this group deserves public praise!  Meet the cast:
Maylou--our narrator.  There hasn't been a rehearsal where her script has been the same, and that won't change tonight!  But does she complain?  No.  She reaches far outside her comfort zone and provides her audience the background necessary for understanding.  
Emily--a former student of ours, an adopted daughter, and an amazing talent.  Understated, realistic and well rehearsed, she adds an element of surety and calm to the cast.
Christine--another former student, and one of the busiest women I know.  She has taken time from an amazingly packed schedule to bring a believable level of hysteria to the stage.  She's over the top--exactly as her character demands!
Mary--a force with whom to be reckoned!  Her portrayal of the Countess is dead on to her own life.  Live it to the fullest and give gracefully and endlessly to those around you.
Tami--the newbie in the group!  We were in a pinch.  She said yes.  She brings vitality and excitement to her role AND the cast.
Cathy B.--as Mary Jr., she plays a petulant and stubborn child...the exact opposite of who she is in life.  We can attest to this opposition because she is our niece and our love.
Maria--The Sound of Music says it best..."Maria makes me laugh!"  Totally in control of her two different characters, her attitude and demeanor are spot on interpretations.
Kris--we go back a long ways.  She was one of the best interpers I ever had, and like Tami, filled a void in this show. She embodies a character that is so antithetical to her being, I marvel!  How do you politely tell an actor she makes a good slut?
Karen--if we do rename the play, she is the eponymous character.  Her roles have changed, depleted, and changed again!  Her willingness to listen and keep an open mind impress the bejeebers out of me.
Cathy--by now you all know what I think of her!  Her ability to see what I do not has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.  And I never thought I would say this, but what a great gossipy hairdresser she would have made!
Jill and Linda--who move the sets and set the stools and do the props...any director knows the theatre gnomes are the most important part of any show that runs smoothly.
Marlin--I know in legends, it was Merlin who was the wizard.  Not so with us.  Marlin walked in and in one day had us lit and ringing!  Amazing.
Judy--who recognized early that hearing cues was important and had to bow out of the production, but not out of the play.  Her enthusiasm as assistant director and support of the cast added immensely to the experience.
In life, if one is extremely lucky, our paths will intersect with a person or persons who profoundly impact who and what we are.  You have definitely done that!  To the cast and the crew, from this day onward, you will not be The will be MY women!!!  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you!  You are loved!

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