Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shamed into a work ethic

If you read last night's blog, you realize how impressed I have been with the neighbor's patio progress.  Since we had a small project of our own, we decided to tackle it today.  24 pavers to be set in a 6X4 pattern in the neighbor's back yard.  Piddling.  Or so I thought.  Since we had already hauled the sand, we had to pack it.  The neighbor wanted to rent the packer, so we piggytailed on her efforts.  Of course, after using it for about 3 minutes it quit and I couldn't seem to get it started again.  Never afraid to admit to my ignorance, we went back and asked her if she would call and see what should be done.  Tool Time graciously said they would send someone up to look at it.  THANKFULLY, as I sat waiting for them to come, I noticed a small switch on the bottom of the machine.  It said "off".  I flipped the switch.  It ran!  And we beat the service call.  Chagrined, I finished packing the sand, and then it was time to place the pavers.  Of course, they had to be level.  Of course, they had to be steady.  Fast forward four hours later, and the first 18 are placed.  The last six have to be cut to size.  Darn.  The neighbor has my saw.  I'll have to wait!  With heavy limbs and the knowledge that she can run circles around me, I look forward to a good night's sleep and the finished project tomorrow.  Yeah, right.  Don't hold your breath!

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