Saturday, August 1, 2015

There's still some life in the old man

First swipe with the mower.  Snap.  The self-propelled cord snaps.  Darn (or words to that effect).  Don't have the time to take it to the shop.  Can't figure out how to fix it myself (go figure).  Have to finish the yard in the "oh my god this sucker is hard to push" mode.  This I can do.  Finish the neighbor's yard.  Notice a change in the weather.  Hear a change in the weather.  SEE a change in the weather.  But darn it, the lawn needs mowing, so up speeds Bill.  Now, not only am in in the OMGTSIHTP mode, I'm doing it at a clip that even a 60 year old would admire.  Just as I finish the side yard, I celebrate because the first few drops of rain start to fall.  That would the the last few drops of rain as well.  Seems as if it is a "widely scattered" rain storm and it's scattering somewhere else.  I needn't have rushed.  Oh well, the lawn is done and I'm off to play in the kitchen.  Know you are loved!

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