Thursday, August 27, 2015

There are parts of my body

that do not hurt.  The top of my head.  My eyelids.  I think that's it.  But the pavers are laid, the sand has been distributed, and now we wait for the opportunity to sit and enjoy and nice cold brew with the neighbor.  After all, it is her yard.  This is not to say, however, that the project went without a hitch.  One new saw later, all are cut.  The packer we had was temperamental and would work when it wanted to.  The last time I went to start it was the last time I went to start it.  The pull cord broke, so we had to take it back and get another one.  It the terminology of my former students, those suckwads are heavy!  Enlisting the aid of our paperboy, I was able to get it into the truck and exchange it.  Thankfully, the paperboy returned to help get it out of the truck.  When we finished, my bride and I attempted to lift it back onto the cart to return it to the neighbor.  I had the idea that if I held the handle up I would get a better grip.  My end went up first.  The handle went down and hit my wife in the head, knocking her to the ground.  She will have a headache and a goose egg, but I think she will be okay.  I'm not feeling the proudest, however. Of course it was an accident, but one is not happy when one's loving spousal unit gets hit in the head!  The observation to which I have come is this.  DIY network, I'm having you expunged.  PSTDI is my byword!!!  And you are loved!

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