Wednesday, August 12, 2015

True to the title...

We are on the road.  And a darn long road it is!  I've never been overly fond of long road trips that have a specific destination and expected time.  While this is a beautiful time to traverse South Dakota (the grains, the sunflowers, the Zesto in Pierre), it is time consuming and confining.  My ADHD kicks in around 20 minutes into the trip and I am ready to be at my destination.  With technology, I do have some diversion, but one's batteries do have a habit of running out.  Oh, I know I could plug them in, but the cooler is plugged in, the GPS is plugged in, Cath's phone is plugged in...and I'm out of plugs.  So I ration myself to time spent.  It is kind of fun to have instant access to answers to such puzzling questions as "What's the difference between transfusion and infusion?" And "What IS the population of Hayes?" But soon the "Oh, how I wish we were home" willies set in and we're only in Blunt!  (For the multitudinous readers who are perusing this and are non-Dakotans,  Hayes and Blunt are metropolistic communities passed through on the route from Rapid City to Watertown!).  
The big White House on the north side of the road has a new green tin roof!
The driver in the van ahead of us is obviously Italian and carrying on a lively conversation with so,done, although we just passed him and he seemed to be alone in the car,  and we're down to only 140 miles until we are home.  If only I had ruby slippers to click...but then, I might end up in Kansas!
Okay, so ADHD hinges on insanity left unchecked.  Maybe I'll take a nap!  You?  You are loved!

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