Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And mother smiled

There is no doubt.  The topic of conversation this winter has been the weather.  I am guilty as most having witched and moaned more than necessary about that over which we have no control.  But you have to agree, it hasn't been an easy time to smile.  Well, today it simply was not possible to go anywhere without a comment...and that elusive smile!  I remember 39 last fall was really cold.  It truly is a matter of perspective!  With that in mind, as the snow and cold return tomorrow (according to the weather man who if there were interactive television would be accustomed to my "gesture" of response!), I hereby pledge to view the weather as a fact of life, and change my perspective.  Of course, that's a whole lot easier knowing we will be going to Florida on Monday!  I will send you warm while I'm gone!  Remember mother's smile and know it will return again.  Until then, revel in the warmth of my love!

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