Thursday, February 13, 2014

same song, second (third, fourth, fifth?) verse

Due to an age factor, too many beers as a freshman in college, and a stubborn refusal to check back, I noticed that twice in the last week I have had problems with coffee.  That is not abnormal.  I have learned to live with my shortcomings in certain areas.  (It would be at this time the ninth grade boy in me would smirk and make some veiled reference to anatomical conclusions, but I shall not!)  What I didn't realize is that I shared them with you.  This leads me to believe that in the last 221 posts, I may have inadvertently repeated a thought, an issue, exact wording....  Rest assured it is not from a lack of desire to overwhelm you with my pithy thoughts and/or my deep insight.  It is instead, an indicator that I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast (sausage and eggs, I believe!), much less what I might have written in the distant past (okay, 7 days ago isn't so distant, but deal with it!).  If my redundant repetition has you shaking your head wondering whether I've lost it, I am most impressed.  That would mean at one time I had it!  Should you ever look at these posts in their entirety (god bless you because you have very little to do to keep you entertained!) and you see similarities in posts, chalk it up to that stubborn refusal to re-read before I key!  I apologize for any dismay this may have caused.  It will not, however, change protocol.  If I've said it before, it obviously is extremely important and deserves a second statement (or, as the case may be, chalk it up to the age, and the beers!).  Redundantly, repetitively, and with a surety of recognition, know you are loved!

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