Sunday, February 23, 2014


They were all so young.  And they had been given the task of protecting our country...overseas!  I was overwhelmed and awestruck, not to mention appreciative!  Great audience, paying attention and laughing in all the right places!  The speaker to follow me was a professional from Mikwaukee.  Also young!  The title of his speech was "Can I kiss you?"  I had the perfect lead in to his speech, and then, as is often the case, I ran out of time.  Go figure.  I was going to say, if you talk nicely and buy me a drink...  Maybe it is best that I ran out of time.  Anyhoo...we have alit In Sioux Falls.  Our two room suite for the evening (Who says there aren't perks to frequent flyer miles...gotta love the automatic upgrades!) will do, and have requisitioned our vehicle to take us to the airport tomorrow morning at oh my god 4:00 am.  Tomorrow's blog, with any luck at all, will come to you from warm and wonderful Ft. Myers.  Rest well knowing there are people willing to protect and serve, and know you are loved!

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