Saturday, February 22, 2014

New jokes!

I have had the privilege to address the Yellow Ribbon Guardsmen programs in the past.  There are no words that can capsulize the admiration and thanks I have for these men and women for everything they have done/continue to do that allows us to do what we continue to do!  I have, however, felt sorry for the amazing staff that has had to sit through the same old stories.  What a surprise they are in for when I tell them my leprechaun story and the events at the convent of St Mary's.  Much to the chagrin of my espoused, I have been practicing these over and over by telling them to anyone who will listen!  I think I have them timed!  Should we ever meet in person, and you ask (Hah!  There's  probably no way I'll wait for you to ask!),  I will share them!  Tomorrow, with any luck at all, we will Laugh!  We will Learn!  We will express our Love.  And we will do our best to Leave a Legacy!  As to the penultimate item on the list, you are!

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