Friday, February 14, 2014


On this, the 14th of February, 2014, you would guess my blog would be a glorification of St. Valentine, the saint of courtly love.  Somehow, there is probably no more appropriate holiday for me to celebrate.  However, your guess would be incorrect.  While I advocate the teachings of St. V, I today sing the praises of St. Martin!  You see, it was St. Martin who inspired his flock in Watertown to build a church in its current location.  It was St. Martin who somehow directed his flock to open the door to the worship center this morning, and it was St. Martin who, in the ultimate foresight of Christian love, directed that flock to include a bathroom easily accessible to any and all runners who found themselves in need!  Sometimes, the practical just outweighs the ethereal!  Because of St. Martin, I can comfortably spread the word of St. Valentine.  Celebrate every event as a building block to what you will become, and know always that you are loved!  Happy VD!

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