Sunday, February 9, 2014

butter--my inspiration

You have to understand one of my basic tenets in life.  Anything edible is better with butter, either in it or on it!  And if you have ever been to one of my cooking classes, you will know that butter is not, nor ever should be spelled, oleo margarine!  That being said, today's blog is nothing about butter.  It's about the box it came in.  Because of the aforementioned basic tenets, I buy butter by the case, and as I was walking toward the basement sink to do some dishes, I noticed an empty case.  In big bold letters, it said ROTATE YOUR STOCK.  This gave me pause.  To keep things fresh, you need to constantly do two things.  First, you have to get rid of the old stuff and second, you have to restock.  I think I have become complacent in my senior years.  I have a tendency to rely on the tried and true...the comfortable things in my life.  I fear that a lack of new adventures may be leaving me a bit stale (and god forbid, rancid!)  It's time to move the old out and replace it with something new.  With any luck at all, this change will not be marital.  It will not be in the people whom I love.  Instead, it might be in something different during my spare time.  It might be in someone different in my spare time.  It might just be something that piques a desire to learn, to do, to accomplish.  It could be as simple as trying a new hobby  It might be in totally revamping a presentation.  It might (with any luck at all) include a trip to Antarctica!  Please don't get me wrong.  In taking stock of my life, I realize how lucky, how blessed I am.  An amazing woman to love.  Friends who sustain me.  Enough time and money to do things I enjoy...well, time, anyway.  But that butter case is nagging me.  It is time to rotate, but never, ever replace the ones I hold dear.  Add to?  Hopefully.  Know you are loved!

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