Monday, February 10, 2014

"I sing the body electric..."

Running has its own rewards, or so I am told.  For me, it's the end!  But it does give my mind time to wander (and so far, it has chosen to return, but I'm not holding my breath for that to continue!)  Today, out of nowhere, in my head, it's FAME!  I haven't seen or heard FAME for over a decade.  And yet, there it was, loud and clear as it could be.  Now understand, my body is not electric.  In fact, I think several of the circuit breakers have been switched off! It's the next line that played over and over (as my subconscious provided the drum beat..."move your feet...move your feet"); "I celebrate the me yet to come."  Whoa!  There's more?  I have been amazing blessed and amazingly lucky in my life.  I found a love that would grow and sustain me.  I found a vocation that would love and grow me.  I found friends who would love and support me.  And I get to play bridge.  But apparently, I'm not done yet?  Can't I just rest on my laurels (and my ample derriere) such as they are?  No!  Bertha used to say she wanted to wear out, not rust out.  At 80+ she was caring for an elderly friend (who was 72!).  At 90, she would go and do and care for her family and friends.  When gravity and arthritis finally wore her down, her spirit still uplifted those around her.  I want to be like Bertha.  I'm not done yet.  I do wonder what comes next, but it has to be something!  There's lots of room for growth and improvement!  "I drink to my own reunion".  Heck, on any given day, I'll drink to anything, but running?  You do serve a purpose.  And you, my readers, are loved!

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