Friday, February 7, 2014


I'm sitting in the sun.  The television is tuned to Easy Listening.  I'm day dreaming about our upcoming trip to Florida.  All incontrovertible proofs that the secret stalker has caught up with me.  When exactly did I become old?  Contemporary music used to be my forte (okay, so I've always had a warm spot for the sixties oldies, but that's totally understandable and youthful, right?). Sitting in m recliner at 1:40 never used to be an option.  And what could be more cliched than going to Florida for someone my age?  Ah well, dotage doesn't seem such a bad thing!
Having written this, I realize that instead of being a veiled attempt at humor, it might be closer to the truth than I want it to be!  I really believe growing old is a choice (unlike growing older, which is a blessing and totally unavoidable if I want to be present!).  I just changed the tv to golden oldies (and am doing the locomotion with little Eva)!  I'm about to do a little consumerism (got my broomstick out and will fight with the company that wants me to pay the same bill twice), and am planning hikes I want to take while we are in Florida!  Take that, you silent stalker!  This 14 year old is ready to take on the world.  Now, if I can only remember where the car keys are!  Know you are loved!

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