Sunday, February 16, 2014

I hate technology

Hard to believe a computer teacher, technophile like me would say something like that, isn't it?  That certainly wasn't going to be the title of today's opine!  Oh no, I had just about finished my treatise on personal balance when, through some unknown keystroke, I sent it into ether heaven, and my powers of resurrection cannot seem to retrieve it.  Floating out there somewhere is an amazingly clever and lucid discourse on physical and emotional balance.  But alas, it is gone.  I can prove, however that I have a little of both left, because when I stood up to throw this contraption against the wall, I didn't fall over,  and in the lengthy process of standing, decided it would be slightly immature to destroy the machine when we all know it is the user who was at fault.  Now, if that ain't balance, I don't know what is!  So instead, you get this!  But I feel better, and before it to goes good bye bye, I save, and wish you good night!  Know you are loved!

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