Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A little bit of fur

That's all she was 16+ years ago when she adopted us from her temporary home at the shelter.  In the next years she was companion, friend, and at times, a singer of duets with her sister...who comcommitently adopted us all those many years ago!  During the last year, she soldiered onward, with a bad wheel, a loss of sight, and a loss of balance.  Today, however, it was clear that she was losing the fight.  In what I truly believe to be the last act of love a human can share with a pet, we made the decision to end her suffering.  While I knew it was coming, I also knew the hole she would leave in our lives.  I was right!  And her duet partner for over sixteen years is looking for her harmony.  We will laugh again.  We will joke about all the fun times with her.  Just not right now!  Now, we miss the fur!  Having friends to help us through is amazing!  Thank you and always remember you are loved!

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