Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comfort Food

So, a still life photographer I will never be.  The background is too busy.  The focus isn't directed the right way.  The lighting is out of whack.  Tough!  Ignore the composition and focus instead on the two objects.  Find first, the potato.  It is my premise that the potato is the king of all comfort foods!  I don't care if they are chipped, hashed, baked (once or twice), shoestringed, French fried, scalloped, frittataed, boiled, or mashed.  They rule.  When I was but a child, mom always said she was going to but a barrel of potato chips and let me eat my way to the bottom.  I could have.  I sill can!  That may explain why I only eat French fries and potato chips once a year.  Sometimes, however, I need a baked potato, so I indulge.  And on certain occasions, mashed potatoes are not a possibility but and absolute need.  Today was one of those days!  One cannot have dilled creamed chicken (see recent Phriday Phood blog) without said potatoes.  Enter the potato kettle.  It is a Wearever kettle, and it has.  You see, it was a wedding gift to my mom.  To be precise, a first wedding gift to my mom!  That makes it about 80 years old.  While we were growing up, it was used every day for some purpose...usually to boil potatoes...occasionally to make tuna hot dish or popcorn, but that's a different story!  And the neat thing is, every time I use it, mom is there with me!  Part of the comfort of tonight's meal!  Miss Loosewheel would not have approved of not peeling the potatoes, but since her little Billy was doing it, it would have been okay!  I wonder who gets the kettle when I'm gone?  Will they find the same comfort?  If they use it for potatoes, the answer is yes!  After all potatoes rule!  Thanks for letting me miss a great lady, and know you are loved!

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  1. I would totally agree with potatoes are THEE comfort food. A staple at almost every meal on the farm. I learned to cook 'on' potatoes. Having your mother's kettle makes the meal even more special. NICE!