Saturday, June 7, 2014

I've decided...

...they take the moisture derived from evaporating milk, put it in a carton, and call it skim milk.
...grass green is a great color for a lawn, but not so much for feet.
...printers are designed to run out of ink at the most inappropriate times.
...cream cheese frosting mixed with fresh strawberries is the bomb.
...oyrryubg tiyr fubgers ib tge wribg set if jets us frystratubg,'
...grilled meat always tastes better when someone else grills it.
...long after I'm dead someone will be getting my calls about credit card safety.
...rhubarb cookies are a temptation of the devil.
...our dog has an internal alarm clock that rings through her mouth when it's time to eat.
...abstract random is much more entertaining than anal retentive.
...rhubarb muffins are a temptation of the devil. doesn't matter what, bacon makes it better. are amazingly unique...and loved!

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