Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why we work...

In case you haven't discerned it, I loved my life as a teacher/ coach.  It was hard work, at times both physically and mentally, but I truly believe there is no more rewarding profession.  It allowed me independence to practice my trade.  It introduced me to an amazing group of youngsters and their families.  It cemented in me a phenomenal group of friends/colleagues.  In short, it was amazing.  These would seem to answer the question why I did what I did.  There is, however, a much less esoteric and philosophical reason.  It stems not from the question, "Why did you choose to teach?" To the far more mundane and core question, "why did you choose to work?"  The answer to that lies in the great philosopher and stateswoman, Little Ruth Marie.  She so succinctly verbalized that answer.  "We work to pay people to do the things we can't/don't want to do!"  Right now, someone is on our roof, removing the chimney and patching the hole.  Couldn't do it.  Death does not become me!  There is a gentleman replacing two pieces of "permanent siding" on the south side of the house.  Could, but option would look like sin!  There are two gentlemen "facing" the trim around the front door.  Not a chance!  And then there's the matter of the shed out back...demolish and rebuild at twice the size.  By me?  It ain't gonna happen.  So I worked that they may work!  I think it's a symbiotic relationship!  And the teacher in me continues.  If it makes sense and you can...let someone else do it!  That's what the money's for!  Enjoy the day and know you are loved!

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