Monday, June 2, 2014

The sky's the limit

Sometimes in the dead of winter (and there was a lot of dead winter this year!) I question the intelligence of living in South Dakota.  Okay.  Sometimes in the heat and humidity of summer, I question living in South Dakota.  But there are those absolutely perfect times in South Dakota.  They may be fleeting.  They may be few and far between.  But they are there.  Today, enjoying our morning coffee on the deck, we experienced one of those times.  The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue.  The clouds were popcorn floating through.  There was no wind to speak of.  You didn't notice the temperature.  Ideal.  And I realized that indeed, South Dakota was just the place for me.  I can turn around and not run in to someone.  I can sit idly on my deck and watch the world go by.  And I can try anything I want with little fear of long as it is moral and legal.  The sky's the limit, and this morning, it was absolutely perfect!  All it took was a little time to notice! Revel in all that is good in your life, and know you are loved!

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