Monday, June 9, 2014

There is no new thing under the heavens

Or so says the book if Ecclesiastes.  Now, if a biblical reference surprises you, allow me to elucidate. When I was studying to become a priest...oh, wait...that never happened.  But I bet I almost made you inhale deeply.  Let's try again.  When I was an English/ speech/theatre major a few years ago at Moorhead State (very similar to the priesthood!) I took a course called "The Bible as Literature."  Instead of the religious interpretation, we viewed the writing as writing, and it was most entertaining. The language was amazing, and the stories riveting.  But it was Ecclesiastes that most resonated with me then...and perhaps to a degree, now. For starters, there's that "time for every purpose under heaven" thing.  One need understand that life isn't always one way or the other.  Everything is neither all good nor all bad.  Sort of the pigeon/ statue thing to which I have referred to in the past.  Life!  Then, the possibility that all things are simply a repetition of a past experience...with an unusual (at least to us) twist.  The been there/done that concept...only not necessarily on a personal level.  I do sort of buy into the "reincarnation" theory.  In a future life, I want to come back as a pet in the home of our friends!'s a possibility.  Now, the question must be addressed, "Why is he rambling on about esoteric philosophy tonight?"  The answer is simple.  There's nothing on tv!  Ponder what you will, but know that you are loved!

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