Saturday, June 28, 2014

Broken promises

Rain.  They threatened rain.  Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Rain.  So what did little Billy do?  He fertilized the yard.  Exceptional planning.  No rain.  What did little Billy do today?  He watered the yard.  All the yard.  In fact, the last patch is under the swish swish swish of the sprinkler as I write!  I am completely convinced when I turn the faucet off, it will pour!
Understand, I realize the irony of this post.  It was just last week that I complained about too much rain. Never satisfied!  But I could have used the day to allow the muscles to relax from the 56.  Oh, did I mention it's now 86.  Because it didn't freakin' rain!  Ah, the hardships we endure!  Off I go to turn off the water.  Know that you are loved!

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