Thursday, June 12, 2014

Road trip with coots and cootettes!

It was off to Lake Norden for a tour of the cheese factory and pizza for lunch.  The tourists?  Our retired teachers' group.  The modus transportati?  Car pools!  Of course, this meant getting the car washed and vacuumed, but it was a small price to pay for the company we kept.  First of all, I liked the odds in our vehicle.  If was six amazing women...and I.  Cathryn was behind the wheel, so I felt safe and secure.  In the way back were three ladies with whom I had history.  One, an amazingly strong woman with whom I taught, who has had cancer and is a survivor.  One who could (and did) relay stories from when we both used to smoke!  What a hoot.  And sandwiched between them was the woman with whom I used to sleep.  No, I'm serious!  When I was getting older, her grandparents were our next door neighbors, and when she came to visit grandma, we would take naps together!  Small world, isn't it?  Move forward one row of seats, and you will find a woman with whom I have never had the privilege to teach, but have come to know and love since she moved to Watertown (her home town!) to retire.  I really got to know her because she is related to the sixth woman in the van...a woman who upon our first meeting was unsure of who/what I would be, but in the 40 plus years we have been friends, I have learned so much about the bond that grows between kindred souls.    We laughed.  We learned.  We ate.  We laughed!  An amazing day to be old!  Know you are loved!

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