Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pot luck

At the end of yoga today, we had a pot luck dinner.  Carol, the yoga master provided the chicken, and 20 of her students brought the "with-its"!  I am always amazed at when that happens, we don't end up with 18 salads (god forbid) or 18 desserts.  The variety was amazing.  I am also amazed at how some people respond to such a situation.  Ms. Lucy always taught us to take a minimal amount the first time through so that everyone would have a taste of everything.  I often see someone take two or three of something when the supply is limited.  I would never begrudge anyone food, but think that a second time through is a better idea.  Just sayin'!  That being said, I love living in an area where pot luck still reigns supreme!  And living in an area of good cooks!  To heck with the diet.  How about one more piece of fudge?  Take care of you and know you are loved!

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