Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Old dog...old tricks

Mi esposa and I are ready to start our second day of training on how to facilitate the AARP program called Life Reimagined.  Never mind the fact that at this point in our lives, with the exception of an occasional health hiccup, we have been as fortunate as we have been.  I am convinced part of it is nature, part of it is nurture, and all of it is attitude!  That being said, I have also discovered that I am an exceptional trainer, but a less than average "facilitator"!  I can give the information with the best of them, allowing my audience to accept or reject what I say.  I'm about a D+ at bringing them to finding the point themselves!  It requires far too much psychology.  "And why do you feel that way?"  Ugh!  Oh well.  We have to demonstrate our skills that we have learned by presenting part of the experience to the group.  I believe I will forego the "dazzle them with brilliance" part and go directly to "baffle them with...."  The one thing they will remember is the mathematical equation that I buy into:  Gifts+Passion+Values=Purpose.  May you live a purpose driven life, and know you are loved!

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