Sunday, June 8, 2014

Just another extraordinary ordinary day

It was nothing special.  It was amazing.  It's that perspective thing.  Started the day biking to breakfast with two long-time friends.  Their adult son joined us, and we had our usual lively conversation.  Teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher, and...wait for it...teacher!  3.95 retired.  One can see it approaching.  And one still touching the future in stunning ways.  The friendship is long, deep, and rejuvenating.  We leave the restaurant, hugs all around, hop on the bikes, and head south, then east, and end up at the Redlin center.  We wend our way around the walking paths, meeting geese and their goslings, one of whom hissed his/her welcome.  At least, I believe it was welcome.  When she/he started spreading wings and approached, we decided this wasn't the day to make a new friend, so quickly departed that area.  After a 12 mile ride, we came home, got cleaned up, and headed to Clear Lake for a birthday open house for a new (within the last three years) friend.  (Turns out I had her daughter-in-law in class.)  Great lady.  On the way home, Cath mentioned that some people are born to tell stories, and she is blessed with that genetic predisposition!  Once home it was time to water the plants, weed the beets (the most disagreeable garden task of which I can think,) transplant the astilbe, and prepare the bed for our new white rose, quickly named Lamb Chop.  Then it was grilled bratwurst with rhubarb cake for dessert, delivered by another amazing friend with a comment about those of us with the "dog gene".  I thought that was an exceptional way of stating our affinity!  Full and drowsy, it's time for my usual pre-bed vegetative state.  Turn on the tv and fall asleep while scanning the channels.  Wake up to some interesting viewing.  Wake the dog, and head to bed.  As I said, a "normal" day.  Made amazing by the phenomenal friends we have made.  Hopefully, your day was just as special!  Know you are loved!

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