Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here's to the ladies that lunch

We took Edith out for lunch today.  Perfect weather for a roll down to Charley's.  While there, Donna drove up in her cherry red convertible and met three of our friends there for lunch.  In walks Jean and her niece, and I am introduced as her naughty friend!  Then it was off to Watertown Confectionary for a bite of chocolate for dessert.  Edith had a peanut cluster.  On our way back to Jenkens, she mentioned that her nuts were dropping because of the bumps I was hitting.  I told her I wasn't having that problem.  We giggled all the way back.  Fourteen-year-old humor aside, the entire episode reminded me of how phenomenally lucky I am to have the XX's I have in my life.  They bring an interesting perspective to the world, and make it a more pleasant place to be.  They are witty, clever, and above all else, compassionate!  Understand, they weren't all lunching today, but they should have been.  It would have made for an amazing experience.  They, like you, are loved!

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