Saturday, June 14, 2014

What's yours?

For several years, the world's problems have been solved in the hot tub in the back.  You may not have noticed.  But they have.  Last night, the question arose (okay, I brought it up!), "How do you define a good friend?"  We waxed poetic about the fact we were, (and we are!  How else could we have solved so many problems?), that people have opined if you have one true friend, you are blessed, and whether or not the criteria must include something about bailing you out of jail?  Is it wrong to consider your spousal unit your best friend?  (The answer, unanimously, was no!)  Perhaps our "besties" become so close we consider them family?  Hmmmmm.
Over the years, I have been blessed with people who make me laugh (a criterion!), people whom I miss when I don't see them (a criterion!), people who understand and accept my strengths and weaknesses (a big criterion!), people who accept and give love freely (a bigger criterion), and people who allow me to express my thoughts in a vernacular that would be deemed inappropriate in most polite circles.  But perhaps the biggest criterion for that a-one, top-notch, acme position on the friendship totem?  I'm a better person because I know them!  By their behavior, because of their caring, because they have accepted themselves for who and what they are, they make me different, in the most positive of ways.  And I have been even more blessed because those that "fit" this category are a combination of xx and xy units!
Another world class question least for the three of us "pruning" our way to wrinkledom.  But one question remains.  How would YOU define the term?  I'd love to hear your answers!  As you cogitate, rest assured in one criterion from me.  You are loved!

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