Monday, October 27, 2014


When I started this blog, I truly did it selfishly.  Okay, it was precipitated by a challenge at an AARP workshop, but where else could I say anything I wanted to say and exercise a little literary practice at the same time?  I never expected that my pages would be visited 29,965 times (and hopefully, by the time this is one day old, the magic 30,000 will happen!).  Now granted, that probably (definitely!) doesn't mean that 30,000 people have read what I have to say.  It means they opened the blog.  By mistake?  Out of boredom?  Because you're my friend?  It really doesn't matter.  30,000 is in my estimation worthy of celebrating.  In your honor, I will drink a glass of wine in thanks!  Maybe two.  Maybe there won't be a blog tomorrow?!  If I'm here, there will be!  But for now, you have to know that I am appreciative, and YOU are loved!

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