Thursday, October 30, 2014

The devil is in the details

As I sit here in my well equipped, second floor penthouse kitchen at Hy-vee, watching the smoke from the ethanol plant head south before it can head up, I am reminded that cooking is not so much about cooking as it is about the preparation!  The thirteen people in class tonight will see about one and a half hours of cooking.  To facilitate this time frame, we've been working off and on since 9:00 this morning.  Understand this is NOT a complaint.  It is what I love to do!  And the amazing thing is, I believe it is possible to be too prepared.  Last class, I had everything pre-measured and combined for its intended purpose.  I then proceeded to grab the crumb topping ingredients and try to make pie crust out of them. Didn't work so well!  Tonight, the ingredients await, but there has been NO pre-mixing.  Fool me once....  And I believe tonight will go smoothly, because the devil is obviously pre-occupied...with the wind!  Know you are loved!

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