Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sex, money, and Rock and Roll

Jeopardy question?  What are three things on which most everyone has a point of view?  In my case, as I would guess in most Y chromosomal units, I like them.  That being said, I really believe all three are personal and do NOT need to be discussed ALL the time.  I quickly tire of television programs that seem to believe my intelligence level is akin to a bull elephant in heat.  A HINT of something to me is far more entertaining than being hit over the head!  Call me old fashioned.  As far as money is concerned, like some people, we have enough to survive, a little for play, and a little to share with those that don't.  Amounts shouldn't be the concern of anyone but the two of us.  Call me old fashioned.  And as far as R&R is concerned, Bob Seeger says it best.  Call me old fashioned.  In fact, if I see one more graphic bedroom scene, get asked once more how much we have saved, or hear M&M rap, I'm going to have an old fashioned!  Of this you can be sure.  This old fuddy duddy does love you!

1 comment:

  1. Studies show that putting the word "sex" in a blog title draws attention. Were you really trying to pander to my baser curiosities. Money and rock and roll? Boring. . .