Saturday, October 11, 2014

The picture of tenacity

It was the day to clean out the garden!  Following a couple frosts, foliage lacked luster, and let's face it, we don't have that many shorts and shirtsleeve kinds of days to do the cleaning!  As Cath attacked the day lilies, she came across this little devil, nestled deep in the browning leaves.  Undaunted by the temperatures, it wasn't ready to give up!  Despite amazing odds, it held on to "strut it's stuff"!  And we are the beneficiaries!  Not to be outdone, I attacked the back half of the garden, and was likewise rewarded!

The leaves are a bit shop worn, the blooms less than perfect, but oh, how it reminded me that even when things are not at their best, we can find a way to survive and thrive...a little worse for wear at times, but survive none the less!  All it took was a little yard work!

And then, there are the asters!  Like you, they make me smile.  Enjoy them, and know you are loved!

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