Friday, October 3, 2014


Sometimes, one simply needs to release pent up do something that requires very little thought, some degree of physicality, and in the end, destroys nothing and perhaps even increases the cache of one's surroundings.  Let me put it another way.  Sometimes, it is necessary to clean the shower!  Let me set the scene for you.  My shower is in the basement.  It's been there over 30 years.  It sits right next to the washer and adjacent to the dryer.  When the washer drains, it sometimes backs up into the shower floor.  That's the bad part of its proximity to the laundry.  The good part is, whenever I take a shower, I throw my towel in the dryer so I always have a nice warm towel with which to dry the body beautiful!  But I digress.  Having a Y chromosome, the concept of wiping down the shower (you know, the one that only I use?) is foreign.  Scrubbing the floor?  Almost unheard of.  Washing the shower curtain?  Why gets washed every time I take a shower.  Well, today I was somewhat frustrated with the weather, so I was in the basement doing some laundry when I glanced in.  It was time.  I took down the curtain and threw it in the washer with a copious amount of bleach!  I poured more of the chlorinated substance in a wash pan, added some hot water, and scrubbed down the walls.  That left the floor.  I took the scrub brush and had my way with it!  Understand, one can only remove so much of what has seemingly calcified in one cleaning.  I stood up.  I looked around.  I was pleased.  One might even say proud.  I would gladly let someone else use my shower...and they might even accept now that it doesn't look like they might catch some horrific communicable disease just by stepping in.  My spirits were lifted.  My frustration lessened.  My god, I had catharted!  And think.  It's done for another 5 years!  May you find a positive way to release your pent-ups, and know you are loved!

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