Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The power of the pen

Fair is fair.  If you read Monday's blog, you were privy to my rant about the high cost of wellness.  If you recall, they suggested I send a letter (in writing!).  I did.  I also copied my doc (read that with awe and a slight suggestion of a halo attached!).  He called me this morning.  The excess charges have been dismissed.  He was dismayed that they appeared in the first place.  Result?  Approximately $500 reduction!  Now you understand the halo on the doctor!  I am, of course, still a bit perturbed.  What percent of customers would have just payed that bill?  For that matter, how many of us don't bother to question, to fight when necessary, to decrease our out-of-pocket expenses?  If I had not copied my doc, what might have been the outcome?  So tonight, well as I am, and a bit more affluent than I thought I was, I'm taking my bride out to supper!  Then it's bridge with the ladies and a bit more restful sleep.
Allow me a step up on my soapbox.  Please check billings.  There may be an error.  There may be an adjustment. And you could save some money!  Question!  Fight!  And know you are loved!

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  1. KUDOS to you! I stopped to see my doc this week for a consult and she (smart as she is) turned the office call into a pre-op visit. Now the insurance will pay for my questions and her answers.