Thursday, October 2, 2014

I wish I had thought of that!

I am a teacher.  Translation:  when I find an idea that strikes my fancy, I immediately steal it, adapt it, and call it my own!  Such is the case with today's concept.  Coming from an impeccable literary source, and being published in the most up-to-date format (translation number two...I saw it on Facebook), it truly struck home.  The concept simply is this.  When life doesn't go according to plan...when concepts don't yield expected results, the initial response is either disappointment, or worse, anger.  Both emotions, although normal and unfortunately for many of us, rehearsed, are utterly and completely useless!  Disappointment is a fact of life, and anger puts control of your life into someone else's hands.  Here's the literary part.  Instead of useless, why not respond with a simple but powerful phrase..."Plot twist!"  I wasn't going to be a teacher.  Plot twist.  The very thing I was born to be.  I was ready to be married.  Plot twist.  I didn't, and celebrate every day that the plot went the way it did.  I was going to walk this morning.  Plot twist.  It's raining.  Breakfast at Original Pancake House.  See what I mean?  Like a good novel, I didn't see them coming, and oh, how much more interesting it has been.  As you write the book of your life, I hope there are a few twists that take you in a different direction.  In the rear view mirror, you will probably find they help you toward a happier ending!  Have an "unusual" day and know you are loved!

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