Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sometimes a walk is just a walk.

Today's was a little over five (!) miles, and existed for no other purpose than to wear off the breakfast/brunch we were going to have on our way home.  Of course, other than being the precipitor and the reward for the agony, um, er, energy exerted, we spent it with friends (it was at this point that I was going to try and describe these friends, but simply couldn't come up with apt descriptors) getting caught up on their latest travels, the state of the world, the political climate, and our amazing luck at having been raised by unique parental units.  I would gladly have walked five more miles for the opportunity to spend time with them.  With a full heart, a full stomach, and a full realization how blessed we are, we walked the last mile home and now are preparing for the rest of the day.  Pick up pheasants for chowder.  Pick up the repotted plant.  Enjoy a piece of pie with aunt Edith.  Dine and play bridge.  Come to think of it, my "walk" is pretty darn enjoyable, and will NEVER be considered just a walk!  Enjoy the amazing things in your life, and know you are loved!

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