Sunday, October 19, 2014

For God and Country

Walking is good for the body.  Walking is good for the soul.  Walking is good for the thought processes, and, as we passed this juxtaposition of God and Country this morning, my processes kicked in.  The brilliance of the blue sky shining through the orange and yellow leaves was to me, breathtaking.  Then, there was the flag.  Truly one of my favorite "colors".  The mind started working.  What an amazing dyad of similar imagery.  The underpinning of each?  Care for those around you.  Each teaches us (well, some of us) to accept the equality of inequalities.  Acceptance for and agreement with are not the same.  Both, however, teach us that differences (and the right to celebrate them) are the things that make us unique.  Tolerance is the thing that makes us human.  Or would that be humane?  In the name of God and Country, amazing atrocities have been committed and continue to be committed.  Your God is different than my God.  Your country is worse than my country.  And we justify our actions thumping our chests and averring, it's our God and our Country!  Do NOT misunderstand.  I recognize there is evil in the world.  I recognize and appreciate the need to protect our rights.  And I admire and love the men and women who do that.  What I don't understand is how concepts of peace and joy and love can instigate war, despair and hate.  Maybe everyone needs to take a walk!  Know you are loved!

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