Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's for supper?

I never understood my mother...on several levels...but especially when she would comment on how hard it was to cook for us.  We ate everything.  Rarely did we complain (well, there was that one time our main course was chunky beef soup from a can, but other than that...).  She was an exceptional cook.  So what was the problem?  I think I now know.  It's not in the cooking.  It's not in the shopping.  It's not in the clean up.  It's in the bloody "what?"!  Coming up with an idea is the hardest thing in the world.  We had beef yesterday (and this morning, and at noon)!  Chicken graces our table more than it does a coop.  Pork is so lean, it becomes amazing dry and hard to eat.  Chinese and Mexican are possibilities, but we're trying to lower our carb intake, so not so much.  I'm open for any suggestions.  Now.  You see, it's supper time and...
Know you are loved!

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  1. HERE! HERE! Totally agree. And then add trying to be extra healthy, low sodium, lower carb...UGH!