Sunday, October 5, 2014

all sports Sunday

In what can only be described as the pinnacle of sports participation, the Zubke's Sunday was a testament to perseverance, muscle coordination, and team play!  Whether one was involved with baseball playoffs, football games, or kitchen Olympics, it was all about scoring!  Even the dog did the high hurdle, clearing the fence (well, actually, sneaking around it) and making her way to the top of the platform!
In the upstairs, amazing finger dexterity and quickness of adaption stymied the writer.  Who knew it was possible to watch two football games and a baseball game at the same time?  The seamless switch from on to another was stunning.  Having ascertained that all was well in the Zubkedome, I attacked three new recipes in the kitchens (and yes, I managed to get them both exceedingly messed up!)  In the order of presentation, the first was a 3 and out!  The second was a home run.  And the third?  The third placed me on the gold medal platform!  Squash soup didn't have the punch to make it to a first down.  It's cooling its heels in the refrigerator, waiting for divine inspiration to hit the coach telling him what to do to make it better.  The second, a pecan crusted soy flour chicken was amazing, and with the substitution of soy flour for regular flour, it raised the protein and lowered the carbs.  Not a bad combination!  But it was the pumpkin pecan pie that took the gold medal.  With a pecan and pumpkin flavored crust, the filling was smooth and crunchy, and what a nice blend that is.  P squared may become my new second favorite pie! 
Needless to say, a good time is being had by all.  Wish you were here to enjoy!  Time for the tip-off for all-American napping!  Know you are loved!

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