Sunday, October 26, 2014

philosophical quandry

As I sat waiting for today's inspiration, I held in my hand a smooth, pointed stylus.  I think it was used for scratching things off a Valentine's card last February (who says I don't put things away?).  It had a great feel--smooth and gliding past my fingertips.  I then started to think.  If I had to give up one of my senses, which would it be, and if I had to keep only one of my senses, what would it be?  In sixty-five (almost) years, I've seen a lot, but don't want to quit.  My olfactory senses are directly related to my sense of taste, and we know I wouldn't want to lose those.  Obviously, based on the stylus, my sense of touch is a blessing.  That leaves hearing, and I've seemingly started to lose that.  Couldn't hear music?  Ouch.  Couldn't hear the laughter of a child?  Ouch.  But if I had to lose one....  (I probably would change that on a daily basis.)
Now to the flip side of the coin.  If I had to lose every sense but one, what would it be.  Trick question designed to get to today's point.  The only sense I pray to god I never lose is my sense of humor.  What a difference it makes in my life.  The ability to laugh with others and at myself has more than once retained what little sanity I have.  To put it as succinctly (not exactly one of my traits) as I can, I would quote you the magnet on the refrigerator door.  "Life is too important to be taken seriously."  Psychologically speaking, I think you could say I definitely have come to my senses!  And you are loved!

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