Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A state...of mind

The outdoor thermometer says -2.  Of course, sitting in the car headed to Sioux Falls, it's difficult to determine the "feels like" temperature, and that may be a blessing.  The snow blows across the road, even though the sun (and its puppies) shines brightly.  A winter day with its chilling ability to depress and beat down the strongest of optimists.  Or so it would try.  But Pollyannas are not so easy to rile, and inherent belief in good somehow win over desolation!  I can't understand or explain it, but as we pass the exit for Ward, my mind immediately goes to Iyott's garden center and I'm planning spring!  The excitement of color.  The positioning of plants.  The hope that is to come.  What a warm, wonderful feeling!  Oh wait, that's the seat warmer toasting my buns!  And the knowledge that positive trumps negative every day of the year!  I'm thrilled we're out of town and happy I was born cup half full!  Could I offer you a drink?  You are loved!

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