Thursday, January 22, 2015

The "bear" necessities

It arrived today...the bear.  Wrapped in plastic, with a birthday card from my sister.  Being impetuous, I immediately opened the card.  And cried.  Let me explain.  The bear is an amazing creature.  White, with a crown of birthday candles and a paw that begs to be squeezed, because once you do, this annoying, obnoxious voice sings the happy birthday song...twice.  (It took me a while to figure out if you squeezed it a second time, it quit singing!  I never claimed to be clever!)  Why, you ask, would a sister who loves you send such a gift?  Well, it's not the first time.  In fact, it's visited this house on several occasions.  Of course, it has visited the niece, the nephews, and right back to my sister as well.  Not unlike the sisterhood of the traveling pants, the bear celebrates each family member's birthday...ever since it celebrated mom's last birthday.  Yup.  For her ninetieth birthday, the bear joined the family.  She was so proud of the bear, and as I recall, by the end of the day, we were all wondering what tragic fate might await this obnoxious creature!  Creativity abounded.  But somehow it survived.  And so did mom.  For one month.  And then she was gone.  And the bear remains.  And in some way, so does she.  And always will.  So...after five years, the tears still come.  Of course, this year, the bear arrived with a picture of mom and the bear on that last birthday.  Not fair!  But beneath the tears, an amazing thank you.  Ms Loosewheel was one of a kind!  And you are loved.

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