Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Aesthetically pleasing, despite the "grease"

The 27th of January, 2015.  Temperature...upper 50's.  Pierre, SD?  Yup!  A truly unique lobby day experience.  Between lunch and session, my significant other and I revisited our memories of Australia and did a walk about.  Avoiding the GE (that would be goose excrement, or referred to colloquially as grease) we circumnavigated our state Capitol.  Note:  along with the unusual temperature, there was no wind.  NO WIND,  even more of a chance to reflect(!) on the building and its grounds.  We South Dakotans are a fiercely loyal group.  Ask anyone about the Capitol and they will extol its aesthetic attributes.  And today, there could be no argument!  It's ours.  And it's beautiful!  The only thing missing?  You!  Find your own aesthetic, and know you are loved!

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