Monday, January 5, 2015

Let me know

when you want it to snow.  I will schedule an eye appointment in Sioux Falls.  It was supposed to be tomorrow.  We are not going.  Seeing double is better than seeing dead!  But it is getting a bit frustrating.  And of course, I have over the years learned to sublimate my frustration by eating.  Anything that isn't secured to a table and has the form of a comestible is fair game.  The popcorn was delightful.  The cold chicken, sublime.  The mini-carrot cakes (yes, that would be plural) almost made the cancellation acceptable.  And then, of course, there was supper.  Steak!  And stuffed buns.  (No, actually I'm speaking of real stuffed buns, not the ones on which I sit, although, having reread this post, they qualify as well!)  Oh well.  We are safe.  We are warm.  And for the moment, we are full!  That, I'm sure, will change!  But the fact that you are loved will not!

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  1. Read my facebook post (Wednesday) regarding the eye appointment. GRrrrrrrrr!