Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's not about the food.

Five words that would belie a significant number of my posts!  True.  I love to cook.  I love to eat.  Some would say I live to eat.  They would be accurate.  But last night reminded me of the Paul Harvey portion of the story.  Last night was the start of our 20th year of gourmet club.  10 of the 12 charter members were in attendance.  The two missing have moved away and were unable to attend.  Charter members would be a misnomer, because in the 20 years we have been together, the 12 of us have been the only members!  I'm curious as to how many "social groups" could say that?  Last night was special.  Okay...more special than usual.  The food was amazing.  The wine, a perfect complement.  But as usual, it was the company.  Our hostess had a surprise for us.  Let me regress a moment.  Prior to last evening, she had asked each of us to submit a baby picture.  When we arrived, the pictures were posted and we had to guess who was who.  I think I got three right...and two of them were my spousal unit and I!  Anyway, there was a participation prize.  She, being the official photographer of our group, had compiled pictures over the last twenty years into a spiral book for each of us!  We have aged.  Some of us more than others.  We have gone through weight reductions, increases, and reductions.  We've watched their kids grow up into amazing young adults.  And, since we are the geriatric components in this group, we've watched them grow up as well.  You see, 5 of them are former students!  And when you realize I had them when they were ninth graders, they have changed a bit!  Physically!  They will always be our kids.  The non students?  They married well and are a great fit.  We are, for all intents and purposes, a family.
There have been times our culinary efforts have fallen short of spectacular.  Coconut milk and plantains seemed to be the overwhelming memory of "oops" last night.  There have been times when finding a time has been bothersome!  But little problems are far outweighed by great experiences.  And 20 years of love outweigh any kitchen misfortune.  Early on, one of our creative members named our group.  We are the "Eating Friendsy" and we are more than the food!  Hopefully, you have similar stories!  They make life, life!  And you are loved!

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