Thursday, January 1, 2015

naked...and loving it

I speak, of course, of the house.  This being the first day of a new year, the Christmas decorations, which I LOVE to put up, have all been taken down and put away.  The house looks so bare...and clean...and big.  Of course, there are remnants every where.  Pine needles (okay, they're fake but they still shed), a few things that I may have missed...but for the most part, as I remember it prior to Giving of Thanks!  And whilst the decorates are stored for the year, I will attempt to carry on with the spirit.  Or, if things get hectic, the spirits, which is something totally different!  Ah yes.  So I celebrate "housal" nudity and swear you are loved!

1 comment:

  1. OK. Your title grabbed MY attention, and I admit, a visual was forming...Sure am glad you explained it totally different. Taking it all down (And YOU had A LOT to take down) is kind of sad. But it also means spring is just down the road...well, sort of... (Dang prepositions!)