Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Renaissance morning

Just finished an hour of shoveling and blowing the 8% chance of snow we had for yesterday.  Came in and it hit me.  I was hungry for lemon meringue pie.  We have bridge tonight.  Why not make a pie and take it to bridge?  Well, there was only one sort of okay lemon, but some "real lemon" juice in the fridge (which probably has out dated some time ago.)  I managed to scrape off enough REAL zest for flavor and augmented the "real" lemon juice with a little lemon extract.  Tasted okay.  Thankfully, just before I added the water to the sugar mixture, I realized that I had used baking powder rather than corn starch.  If you are in need of two cups of sugar mixed with four tbs. of flour and four tbs. of baking powder, I know where you can find it!  Start over.  End result?  Looks fantastic.  We'll see how it tastes.  Dishes are done and I'm blogging for the day.  One might ask what Renaissance has to do with this post?  Beats me, but the title sounded good!  Hope you can enjoy a piece of pie and know you are loved!

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