Sunday, January 11, 2015

I hand wrote a letter!

First, let me say I find it appalling that cursive writing is no longer being taught.  I understand it isn't the primary method of written communication.  I understand there is an overwhelming need to cram more dates and events into the minds of our students (okay, I don't, but it sounds good!).  But to not be able to sign your name?  To not be able to individualize your "font"?  To not be able to read what those of us coots continue to believe to be a preferable alternative of written communication?  Abhorrent!  But that's just my opinion.  Having said (yelled, cursed, profaned) that, I just finished writing a letter to a former student with whom I have kept contact for all these 45 years.  That bond, that relationship, deserves something other than a text, an e, a tweet, or for that matter, a facebook poke!  That relationship deserves the time...the effort...and the love inherent in a hand-written epistle.  Granted, the hand-writing (although "not bad for a boy"!) may be a little harder to read.  The strokes are a little shaky.  The pen, a little wobbly, but hopefully, he and his wife will realize the import they hold in my life.  Love comes in many forms.  And you are!

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