Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just plain stubborn

So, the wind chill is -insane.  But the sun is shining.  The snow is glistening.  And you know I HATE the dreadmill.  So...put on layers.  At least three on every level.  Add winter gear.  Hazard the elements and get some exercise.  It was exhilarating!  The clothing sufficed.  The roads, while slippery at spots, were amenable to travel.  And I only had to fight the wind one direction.  I logged my two plus miles without incident, came home, had some delicious hot home-built vegetable soup, and am now ensconced in the basement, talking to you and doing the laundry.  Probably not the best decision I've made--to challenge the elements. But truly, the best decision I made--to conquer the elements.  Self righteously, I will enjoy the day!  And thanks for being there when I got home!  You are loved!

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