Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Technology kicked my butt!

We have borrowed the first three seasons of Downton Abbey.  We have a DVD player.  I put the dvd in the player.  I can't change the input device on the tv.  I call the cable company.  They tell me to press the tv button.  I do so.  I can now change the input device...so it says "no signal".  I check out all the input options.  No signal.  The unit is on.  It says it's running.  No signal.  I disconnect.  I reconnect.  No signal.  I reconnect directly.  No signal.  By now, frustration is a happy memory.  I make sure the tv works, turn off the unit, and head for bed.  Middle of the night?  I realize I could have hooked the computer to the tv and watched.  But undaunted, I shall try again this morning.  Never say die!  No piece of equipment will defeat me.  Or, who really needs to see Downton Abbety anyway?  Have a success of some kind today and know you are loved!

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